Our Drive

To be adept and alert with the conviction to improve our performance and to seek new ways to deliver ingenious and cost-effective solutions.

Our Daring

We are resolute, progressive and astute, living in the present with optimism in providing standalone facility management that deliver mould-breaking services and solutions

Our Commitment

We focus on offering the highest level of service in the industry and deliver real ‘solutions with a soul’ that truly enhance the value of your investment. We are committed to keep a sight of the constantly changing needs of our customers.

Our Cohesion

Exchanging knowledge and skills to generate a strong spirit of teamwork, we unite towards a sustainable progress and development. We are always there for each other, working together as one team.


Service you deserve. People You Trust!

Mohamed Al Otaiba Facilities Management Services LLC, a subsidiary of Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group, is distinctive among its peers and brings together the tailored facility management services that fits your specific working environment and corporate culture. Our facility management services are focused on enhancing your corporate workspace with an innovative approach.

Our facility management services are focused on enhancing your corporate workspace, with an innovative approach. For clients seeking premium integrated facilities we establish a transparency and look through the needs of the customers to deliver services that can positively impact the customer experience within their business.