MAFS strongly believes in delivering high quality service to its customers with a ‘safety first’ culture. We continuously strive to prevent accident occurrences and do not jeopardise the safety of the employees and the community we operate in. We keep a ‘Zero-harm’ target and thus ensure a strict health and safety policies, procedure, systems and regular audits.
Organization’s wide policies, programmes and incentives schemes are also built into the personal development goals of each employee. This is reflected from:

  • Workshops, campaigns and training programmes.
  • Ensuring that our objectives, targets and commitment are adhered to by the suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Assessment and possible reduction of environmental aspects and impacts
  • Delivering high end services
  • Offering sustainability programmes, social responsibility and initiatives.

Operations and Industry Recognition

MAFS portrays operational excellence. We look at the details and make your workspace great. We deliver nothing less than MAFS standard to our clientele across all sectors including retail, residential and corporate. Our integrated facility management services for our clients helps them avail maximised efficiency and cost-effective delivery with a single point of contact.

We make sure to appoint a team with the knowledge and familiarity of your sector to drive the best possible service. These highly qualified and experienced individuals make sure to find the exact mix of services to meet your specific needs.

We focus constant improvement that is focused on service delivery excellence and innovation which in turn can deliver intelligent savings for our customers.

We demonstrate the ability to service our clients across the region with a single interface, unified approach and standards.



MAFS are committed in continuously developing our approach towards corporate social responsibility. We ensure that sustainable practises are observed to all areas of the business, making it part of the everyday norm. Our commitment to sustainability includes:

  • Protecting our environment
  • Offering services that help customers work towards carbon neutrality.
  • Leading the way to reduce waste, managing the use of water and raw materials.
  • Initiatives to create employment opportunities.
  • Providing innovative and sustainable solutions for customers.
  • To create a more sustainable economy.
  • To create a safe and healthy work environment.